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Racquet Sports

At Highlands Falls, many of our members prefer to swing a racquet rather than a golf club and we welcome every one of them to our family. 
Our Tennis Center features three outdoor Har-Tru courts open every day of the week for you to partake in round robins, open play, and clinics.

As a member, you also have access to personalized instruction from our tennis professional whenever you need it.

It’s in our nature to combine play with fun which is why we host Tennis Deck parties throughout the season. These events include exhibitions along with plenty of food and beverages for all to enjoy, whether you’re a player or not.

“As an avid pickleball player, the clinics and round robins at Highlands Falls keep me on my toes.”

If your preferred form of play is pickleball, we’ve got you covered there as well with four courts on which you can play every day . As with tennis, we offer organized play along with weekly clinics and private lessons.

Whatever racquet you like to swing, you’ll find the facilities and playing partners to match your skill level so you can enjoy your sport at a higher elevation.