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In case you are curious, golf croquet is a simple form of the game. Unlike Association croquet, there are no bonus shots. Each side plays alternate strokes and tries to be the first to score the next hoop. It is a much more interactive and social form of croquet.

Interactive play and the chance to socialize are the tenets of Highlands Falls so it was easy to take croquet to a higher elevation.

“As a newcomer to croquet, the program at Highlands Falls has really welcomed me into the sport.”

We did this by building the largest regulation croquet lawn on the Plateau along with a covered pavilion featuring a bar and fireplace. But we didn’t stop there. We built the second largest croquet association in the United States. We host exhibitions by international professionals through our May-October season, we stage competitive tournament play and we provide our members the opportunity to learn the sport from a 16-time national champion.

When you decide to become active in the sport, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the game and make fast friends with fellow croquet aficionados. Our Club hosts weekly play for ladies, men, and mixed doubles teams. along with our Tuesday and Friday Twilight matches, are favorite events that happen each week.

Our Club is home to some highly skilled and competitive croquet players as well, but the majority of our members don’t play croquet for the competition. As a matter of fact, our most popular events are those consisting of a social game along with cocktails before dinner. After all, croquet as just one more way to play at Highlands Falls.

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