Course Tour 

Hole #1

Par 4 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 9/3

380 yards

333 yards

275 yards

270 yards
This amazing first hole captures the essence of Highlands Falls Country Club as you hit through a corridor of 100 ft. oak trees. Reaching the green in two strokes should not be a problem but with a lake guarding the front of the green and a bunker to the right, your second shot needs to have the precise distance to land on the slightly sloped green.


Hole #2

Par 4 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 11/11

336 yards

315 yards

293 yards

259 yards
The centerpiece of this par four hole is a 100' tall Hemlock tree that splits the fairway in two and guards the approach to the green. With a 3-acre mountain lake that travels the entire right side of the hole, you want to avoid slicing the ball.


Hole #3

Par 4 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 5/9

390 yards

348 yards

262 yards

250 yards
A par here will leave you feeling good! This narrow, uphill par four requires players to reach the crest of the fairway on their tee shot or deal with a blind shot to a green that is protected by five bunkers. However, once on the green, putting should be no problem as the green is relatively flat.


Hole #4

Par 3 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 15/15

  170 yards

164 yards

150 yards

145 yards
One of the most difficult holes on the course, this turtleback green requires accuracy above all else. With bunkers surrounding the green and a steep slope to the left, the smart play here is to hit it high and down the center


Hole #5

Par 5 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 1/1

  546 yards

525 yards

480 yards

423 yards
From elevated tees, this dog-leg right hole requires a long tee shot over a pond and several bunkers to a generous landing area. The key to this hole is three shots down the center of the fairway otherwise the trees on the right will certainly add shots.  Hitting too far left will put you an exaggerated distance from the green. As one of the largest greens on the course and with only one small bunker protecting it, the shot to the green is straightforward.


Hole #6

Par 4 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 13/13

344 yards

334 yards

281 yards

271 yards
Hole six is absolutely breathtaking with the tees sitting over 150 ft. above the hole, you are left with a stunning view of Big Bearpen Mountain and the surrounding hills. Playing downhill gives you an advantage off the tee, but your shot into the green must be smart. With bunkers in the front and right side of the green and a steep slope to the left, a quality shot down the center is a must.


Hole #7

Par 3 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 17/17

161 yards

154 yards

127 yards

116 yards
Sometimes simple design is classic and hole #7 is a perfect example of that. The challenge of this downhill short par three is the green's narrow depth and four deep bunkers that await a misjudged shot. This hole provides a good opportunity for a birdie or even a hole-in-one.


Hole #8

Par 4 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 7/5

419 yards

369 yards

323 yards

294 yards
A long and straight drive is what is needed here. A lake guards the entire left side of the fairway and fronts the green as well. Out of bounds awaits shots misfired to the right. A demanding green that is long and narrow which also slopes towards the lake requires only the best of shots. Misjudge and hit it too long and two bunkers behind the green await you.


Hole #9

Par 4 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 3/7

394 yards

378 yards

318 yards

313 yards

Unlike many golf holes in the mountains, #9 is relatively flat and wide. The hole provides one of those few opportunities to “grip it and rip it”, just be mindful of the three fairway bunkers. The large green is guarded by two bunkers on the left and another large bunker on the right.


Hole #10

Par 3 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 14/14

  193 yards

180 yards

158 yards

112 yards
This intimidating par three requires you to hit over the lake. Five tee boxes dot the hillside allowing you to pick your poison. While the green is surrounded by bunkers, the green is large providing ample room to position your shot.


Hole #11

Par 5 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 4/4


580 yards

540 yards

430 yards

418 yards

Long and moving slightly to the right best describes this par 5. The difficulty in this hole is in the second or third shot as a pond lies directly in your landing area. Navigate past the pond and you are greeted with an open shot to the elevated green. A small bunker hugs the left side of the green catching any stray balls.


Hole #12

Par 4 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 12/10


330 yards

309 yards

260 yards

224 yards

The last third of the hole is hidden from view when standing at the tee. On this dog-leg left hole, aim for “Eyebrow Ridge” and you will be rewarded with a perfect view of the elevated green. However, the deep two-tiered green is small and fast and will challenge even the best of players.


Hole #13

Par 4 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 10/12


327 yards

311 yards

296 yards

228 yards

With a view of the mountain range beyond the green, #13 exudes classic golf architecture. With its highly flashed bunkers and graceful lines, this hole was designed to make an impression. The entire length of the fairway climbs daintily upward terminating at a beautifully executed green complex. The long, narrow green runs diagonal to the fairway guarded by several steep bunkers.


Hole #14

Par 5 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 2/2


552 yards

535 yards

460 yards

448 yards

At any other golf course #14 would be the signature hole. With the Cullasaja River meandering throughout the hole, the water hazards are numerous. Three smart shots will help to conquer this long par 5 hole. If you are lucky enough to avoid the water, an added challenge is that the green is only 16 paces deep and safeguarded by the river in front, so accuracy is a must on your third shot. You can bet you will remember this hole for its challenge, if not for its beauty.


Hole #15

Par 3 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 18/18


127 yards

120 yards

101 yards

82 yards

There are signature holes and then there are signature holes. This waterfall hole is one of the most photographed golf holes on the planet.  Highlands Falls Country Club is named after the 100' waterfall that sits directly behind the long, narrow green. The breathtaking tee shot plays from 82 to 135 yards. A granite face wall awaits misfired shots to the right and will often send balls scooting across the green into a 25 ft. gorge left of the green. Lost your ball? Who cares!  You're in one of the most beautiful places on earth!


Hole #16

Par 4 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 6/8


395 yards

374 yards

311 yards

300 yards

Staying slightly right off the tee for hole 16 is the best play. Too far left and you will be hitting through the trees on this dog-leg left. You don’t need to do anything fancy for this hole other than avoid the creek in front of the green. Picking the right club to the green is your challenge. A large ridge bisects the middle of the green. Finding the right section of green will help to avoid a possible three putt.


Hole #17

Par 4 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 8/6


374 yards

350 yards

287 yards

282 yards

The tee shot on #17 rises to a long plateau that then falls sharply at the end and into the lake. Once on the plateau you are invited to a spectacular view of the island style green, the Clubhouse and Fitness Center. The largest of the greens on the course, #17 is protected by water on three sides with little room to miss. Putting is straightforward as the green has only subtle movement which is slightly exaggerated by its smoothness and speed.


Hole #18

Par 3 - Handicap (Men/Ladies) 16/16


182 yards

150 yards

113 yards

100 yards

A fitting end to a time-honored course, the 18th hole is a par 3 played over the water to a two-tiered green. When the cup is placed towards the front of the green, the water is very intimidating but a good shot will be rewarded. However, you always have the option of bailing left to save par.