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Taking Your Game to a Higher Elevation

“Nothing is quite as rewarding as having a breakthrough lesson with a member.”  - Allen Chandler

Our two PGA professionals, Allen Chandler and Mark Todd, share one thing in common – a passion for helping you love the game of golf.
From eliminating the intimidation of picking up a club for the first time to identifying the small adjustments a single-digit handicap player can make to improve their score, Allen and Mark have the dedication, experience and commitment to help take your game to a higher level.


Allen was introduced to golf at an early age by his father and played competitively as a junior golfer through high school. Making the decision to pursue a career in golf when he was 25, he landed his first job at PGA National Golf Club. Working alongside aspiring golf professionals and pursuing the many opportunities afforded at PGA National helped him grow into a well-rounded golf professional. 

Allen enjoys playing and teaching the game as much today as he did when he picked up his first club so many years ago. He believes a good golf lesson is a collaboration between the student and the instructor. To Allen, nothing is quite as rewarding as having a breakthrough lesson with a member where he or she leaves with a plan for improvement along with encouragement to forge on in their pursuit to grow and love the game. 
Allen is forever grateful to his father for introducing him to the game, to fellow PGA mentors and to the Highlands Falls members and staff for allowing him to pursue his passion for golf.
At the age of 23, Mark read “Golf in the Kingdom” by Michael Murphey. This book inspired him to examine the parallels between the game and how we live our lives. At the same time, a friend who was dying of Hodgkin lymphoma provided perspective on the fact that life is precious, advising him to pursue his passion. The combination of reading the book and his friend’s advice set my path to becoming a golf professional.

Mark played golf for two years for the College of Sequoias JC and quickly became more interested in helping fellow teammates and the coaching staff than competing. 
He began his apprenticeship in 1991 at Sierra View golf course in Visalia, California under the tutelage of former PGA Tour player Jerry Heard and Ralph Lomeli, the club’s teacher. 
In 1995 he became a certified club fitter for Slazenger Corporation in Greenville, South Carolina. It was there and then that he fell in love with the South. When the opportunity presented itself to become a head golf professional in Hickory, North Carolina he jumped at the chance and officially became a Southerner.

Mark became a PGA Professional in 1996 and spent the next 14 years working at several clubs before landing his dream job at Highlands Falls Country Club. Nearly 30 years later, he remains forever grateful that he took his friend’s advice and followed his dream.