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Superintendent of the Year

For the ease with which he can grow grass, for the great lengths to which he goes to improve the Club experience for the members of Highland Falls Country Club, and for his continuing efforts to assist those in the surrounding community, Fred Gehrisch, CGCS, has been named the TurfNet Superintendent of the Year 2014.

Gehrisch, manages one of the most prestigious courses on the Highlands plateau to impeccable standards. "In 2014, his vision that our members would have a much greater appreciation of the Club if we could do a good job of presenting its history to them came to fruition and resulted in a three-day long celebration of the history of the Club and the accomplishments of Joe Lee, our golf course architect," said Highlands Falls General Manager, Jason Macaulay.  "He and I worked together closely on the project for a full year and I’ve got to say that Fred was the reason for the success of what we now call the Joe Lee Room as well as the dedication plaque honoring Joe Lee that now graces our first tee.”  

Gehrisch also spearheaded efforts to establish a croquet facility at Highlands Falls that has attracted new members and given established members an incentive to remain active through their transition away from golf.  

Additionally, Gehrisch has always had a passion for tackling projects outside the normal realm of his responsibilities as a superintendent and volunteers his time and expertise to assist in a variety of public service projects for the community surrounding the golf course.  Make no mistake, he feels very fortunate to have a membership that understand and supports his passion. In the past several years, he and his staff have planted trees throughout Highlands for the city, cleared a downtown lot to make room for a municipal park, managed hemlocks for the town’s land trust, repaired its hiking trails, cleared debris so a local animal shelter could expand its operations, cut firewood for the town to distribute to families in need, and built doghouses for a local charity.  

Assistant Superintendent Josh Cantrell had this to say about his time working with Gehrisch; “As an assistant for Fred for the past six years, I have come to realize that growing grass is the easy part of being a superintendent. “Making yourself and your staff available to the needs of the membership, whatever and whenever necessary, is the key to being successful in this industry. That’s what separates the great superintendents from the average. Many times we are asked to do things that may be out of our comfort zones. All too often I hear, ‘That’s not in my job description’ or ‘I don’t get paid enough to do that.’ Not with Fred. He has taught me to embrace the challenges that come with going the extra mile.”

“Fred Gehrisch not only knows how to grow grass and manage a crew and a budget, he is also very attuned to the Club members and is probably the staff member who does the best job of seeing that members have reason to be proud of their Club,” said Macaulay. “He is much more than a golf course superintendent in my mind."