Croquet Rules

Please familiarize yourself with the Croquet Rules in their entirety prior to play on the lawns. 
  1. All HFCC members are eligible for Croquet Association membership. Members may join by payment of the annual fee.
  2. Play is limited to Croquet Association members and their guests. Scheduling is handled through the Golf Pro Shop. Players are asked to call 526-2189 to reserve a place on the lawns. Reservations may be made up to five days in advance and will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. Out of consideration for others, cancellations should be made well before reserved times.
  3. Lawns may be reserved for a period of up to one and a half hours. Scheduled events have priority over informal play. Please adhere to the etiquette of double banking at times of piques demand.
  4. All-white clothing, including white, soft-soled shoes, is required on the croquet lawns. Gentlemen's shirts must have sleeves and a collar and must be tucked in. Ladies' shirts must have either a collar or sleeves.
  5. There will be a $5 fee for local guests.
  6. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. There will be no fee for children under 16.
  7. In order to explore the game, non-Association HFCC members are welcome to play twice for no fee. They must be accompanied by a Croquet Association member. HFCC members who do not join the Croquet Association will be limited to guest play 2 times per season. They will be subject to the guest fee.
  8. Golf carts, pets, furniture, and non-playing individuals are not permitted on the lawns. Use of the lawns for any purpose other than croquet is strictly prohibited. Exceptions must have written approval from the General Manager.
  9. All players are expected to learn and abide by the rules of croquet. Our association follows the United States Croquet Association rules. The USCA rules for golf croquet are maintained by the World Croquet Federation and can be found at: WCF GC Rules 5th Edition.
  10. Players are encouraged to leave the lawns and take shelter when the lightning detection system is activated. Play may resume after the all-clear signal is given.
  11. Croquet Association membership will automatically be renewed and billed on an annual basis unless the member notifies the Club. Any HFCC member may join the Croquet Association at any time by contacting the General Manager or the Croquet Director. All Members are encouraged to join The United States Croquet Association. See for details.