Croquet Etiquette


Rule 1 — Play is for HFCC Croquet Association members and guests.  Membership information can be obtained from Onifer Wilmoth, HFCC Director of Croquet.   

Rule 2 — Golf carts, pets, furniture, and non-playing individuals are not permitted on the lawns. Use of the lawns for any purpose other than croquet is strictly prohibited.   

Rule 3 — Golf Croquet, American and Association Rules games  are  played  under World Croquet Federation/United States Croquet Association rules.   

Rule 4 — Lawns may be reserved for a period of up to one and a half hours. Scheduled events have priority over informal play.  Reservations may be made up to five days in advance and will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. Out of consideration for others, cancellations should be made well before reserved times.   

Rule 5 — Double banking must be used in the event another game is being played on the same lawn. Diverting to another hoop or wicket  is not allowed for any championship or competitive play where the number of wickets scored is used to determine the “winner”   

Rule 6  — Dress code is Croquet Whites at all times except for “Introduction to Golf Croquet” classes. Flat soft sole shoes are to be worn  at all times. There are no exceptions for guests or children.   

Rule 7 — No food or beverages except for plain water are allowed on the lawn.   

Rule 8 — Bug deterrents and sun blocks must not be applied on or near the lawn.     

Rule 9 — If damage to the lawn occurs, please do not attempt to repair by replacing loose grass into the damaged area.  It will not grow.   

Rule 10 — Players must take shelter when the HFCC lightning detection system is activated. Play may resume after the all-clear signal is given.   

NOTE:   All Croquet Events are listed on the club calendar.   

Lawn reservations for private play can be made with the Pro Shop — 526-2189.    

An “Introduction to Golf Croquet” class is available to provide instruction on Golf Croquet skills, rules, and etiquette. Check the club calendar for date and time.   

Private lessons may be scheduled with Onifer Wilmoth at 487-4130