Game Results

For the ACBL game results please click on this link:  
For results on the Common Game please use the following:

   1) fast, easy access to results if you set up the email notification. A link on the email takes you directly to the results which are available immediately after posting by the game director.
   2) analysis of play by experts on about 30-40% of the played boards (great learning tool!)

One Time Setup Directions:
   On the internet go to 
   In the upper right hand corner of the homepage type in your ACBL number and click on “login”
   A new screen opens: "Jane/John Doe Personal Results"
   In the upper right hand corner select or click on “Modify Profile”
   A new screen opens: "Hello Jane" "My Account at The Common Game"
   Fill out personal information:   you can leave the following blank as they are optional if you prefer: 
        “Preferred System” 
         “About Me” 
         “BBO Username” 

Notification Services:   (you can leave (use) defaults)
Fast Results: lists email as default 
Common Game: lists daily as default
Friend Alerts: lists weekly as default but you can choose to unsubscribe or whatever

For “Fast Results”:
   Choosing email will cause the software to automatically generate an email to you after the club results are uploaded. Just click on the link in the email to be taken directly to the results pages and follow the directions.
   Select or click on “Submit” when you have finished setting up your profile information

Additional Information:

On the club results screens the starred boards have a post-mortem analysis which consists of an expert discussion and a view of the hands for the board. 

Further explanations can be found in the FAQs of: There is a section on how the hands are put together.

If you would like to read the explanation about how to receive emailed results immediately following the game, here is the link: