Whether you have a love of fishing, fly fishing or just eating fish, there is no shortage of any of the aforementioned at Highlands Falls Country Club.  Adding to the beauty of this mountain course are its many water features.  Ten of the thirteen water holes on the course are ripe with good fishing.  Each spring, the ponds are stocked with both rainbow and brown trout.

On any given day Members can be found casting their lines into their favorite fishing holes.  They are happy to meet others with the same interest and exchange tips about their tried and true angling methods.  Many a friendship at Highlands Falls started through a chance meeting with fishing pole in hand.  If desired, a meeting can even be arranged for you!

While we do encourage catch and release, Members are able to keep some of the fish and feast on them at the end of the day.  And the bonus to fishing at Highlands Falls...our chef is ready and waiting to prepare the "catch of the day" to your individual liking.